Interim Technical Director / Consultant

“Helping businesses adopt new technologies”

  • Understanding your mission
  • Specifying your project
  • Assessing the providers
  • Assisting with the technical change
  • Monitoring the outcomes in line with objectives

As a qualified mechanical engineer, past technical director with P&L responsibility and a further 22 years Internet and web related experience, I’ve worked with many businesses and seen them struggle with the adoption of new technologies. Working with such enterprises on specific projects to help them get the best outcomes is a very rewarding challenge for me. From codifying the business needs to assisting with scheduling the deployment of whatever the solution is chosen should be a satisfying journey for all. For some however it is a natural challenge and a worrying step into the unknown.

If the business is expert at say facilities maintenance, it doesn’t make them an expert on choosing the best project planning software or the best rugged in-field tablets.

If the skills within an enterprise are such that there’s inadequate understanding of the new technology that they need to embrace, then having someone on your side as your technical lead to guide the process will enable you to more confidently make those critical decisions; fewer sleepless nights and better outcomes.

If this strikes a chord with you and you’d welcome an opening chat to sound things out and see if we’d be good for each other, I’d love to hear from you.

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